Song Premiere from Emperor X + Euro Tour News

Emperor X is the moniker for Los Angeles musician C.R. Matheny. In the last ten years of his career in music, Matheny has released six studio albums, the latest of which is Western Teleport–a highly acclaimed collection of songs that marks the musician’s signing with the revered New Jersey label, Bar/None Records.

“Nap Time for Tom Coughlin” is a mix of a new song off the musician’s forthcoming album that will be released later this year. Thematically it’s a bit of a follow-up to the song “Canada Day” from Western Teleport, narrating a new nostalgic journey with an unknown romantic accomplice. The song premiere is tied to important news from the artist: Emperor X will be touring the United Kingdom and Europe for the first time, this summer. He will be playing a series of shows exploring cities in Norway, Germany, France, Slovenia, Belgium and England. Matheny says pursuing the tour was a no-brainer:

It was coincidence that my friends in Extra Life introduced me by e-mail to the rad folks in Berlin at Paper & Iron Booking, who are arranging this tour, right around when things were starting to pick up for me. And when someone says, ‘Hey, can you come play Europe this summer?’ the only correct answer is ‘Yes!’

Thus far, Emperor X tours in the U.S. have meant long trips on Greyhound buses, Matheny’s preferred method of transportation. “This is partly because it is the cheapest way for a solo artist to tour (if you buy a monthly pass), and partly because public transportation is just how I roll–you meet great and awful people, you really see the country as it is with all rough edges intact, and you avoid the sterile freeway rest stops,” explains Matheny.



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