Big Nils Gets Not So Serious

Coco Moore, Lilly Daiber, Zoe Wardlaw, and Sen Morimoto. Together, the four under-21s form a chopped-up and edgy punk-rock group called Big Nils.

Yes, Coco Moore is Thurston Moore’s daughter. No, she does not want to talk about her feelings regarding the media’s coverage of her parents’ recent split.

Big Nils started playing music together as a sort of pre-party activity one night while hanging out at Moore’s house in Northampton, Massachusetts. The teenagers realized things clicked, and that music and performing was something they loved and needed. Add a band name that references a German punk arsonist, and a musical genius (Bill Nace) as acting manager, and you get Big Nils.

“A band like Big Nils that has very raw and youthful energy blended with such distinct focus is really rare to see…especially when you’re rolling tape,” comments Big Nils’ producer,Justin Pizzoferrato. “I wish my high school bands would have been that cool.”

Big Nils recorded its debut album, Sibling, live in 2011 in Moore’s basement with Pizzoferrato’s reel-to-reel equipment and recording expertise. The band has stuck with Pizzoferrato’s assistance for its release of an upcoming 7″ titled Bitch Guts, which, according to the group, was recorded electronically in order to allow more mixing options. The three-track record is in its final stages before its release in the near future on Abscess Records.

“Oh, and we’re not on Geffen. That was a joke on our Facebook page. We should probably change that…hm,” comments Zoe Wardlaw about Big Nils’ Facebook record label details stating the band is signed to Geffen Records.